The Hottest Top Cars of 2016

Cars are undoubtedly an intimidating investment for some, however even with this, there are still countless people with eyes stuck on them throughout the years whether it's a matter of planning to purchase them or just admiring them which brings us to the anticipated list of the top cars 2016. Every year, there's a stunning figure of cars that gets introduced to the market and of course, these new additions are equipped with superior and exceptional features from its design, parts and up to its revving engine. These cars don't just show phenomenal physical and aesthetic aspect, they are also the embodiment of the character, soul, value, poise and performance of their developer and user which is why choosing one for yourself may prove to be too strenuous of a task.

First on the line of the top cars 2016 is the addition to Ford's Mustang Shelby line, the GT350 or the GT350R. It has this stunning and exciting crank that's filled with the car's inner characteristic which will certainly give you something to look forward to every time you take it out for a trip or a stroll. This state-of-the-art car is simply exquisite in all angles, giving you topnotch design, paired up with a hood that's lowered to boost the cars aerodynamic for a sleeker experience. It also comes with other features like six-piston Brembos at its front part, 'MagneRide' dumpers and clothes seats from Recaro that's undeniably only the tip of the iceberg.

BMW's new entry this year is surely something to look forward to as innumerable users definitely can't get enough of this brand's elegant and sophisticated cars that have never been a disappointment. This year's model of the famous brand, the BMW M235i, will send you to a seamless, breathtaking ride that certainly will give you the feeling that would make you want to go with it through the roads forever. Its 3.0 liter, 320-hp Turbo shows an extremely sleek power, all in a compact and stunning package that will leave you standing in awe for it. The number of cars that's going to enter the market this year is simply astronomical and there are more cars to look forward to which may enter the top cars 2016 list aside from these two.