List of the Top Actors of 2016

There's no doubt that the movie industry has always been one of the biggest fields throughout the world today that has become part of everyone's lives and of course, behind those movies are the actors that have made our hearts pump in excitement, melt our hearts with realistic and awe-inspiring scenarios and even made us scared and thrilled throughout the entire couple of hours or so, which is why many has been fervently awaiting the top actors 2016 list whilst giving support to their favorites. The Oscar nomination is one of the grandest awarding ceremony for actors and it has always been a reliable source for those who wants to know who's on top. As the announcement for the nominees for this lavish ceremony draws near, many people hands down their predictions on who's going to enter this year's list.

One of the most awaited person to enter the list is none other than the renowned Leonardo Di Caprio. No one would surely deny the fact that the man is a breathtaking artist that has captured the heart of those who watched him on his movies and this time, he challenged a new kind of role that introduced him to countless amount of strenuous scenes, but with little to no script during them. The artist has been a favorite for years and his appearance on the movie 'Revenant' has definitely put him on high-strung as one of the most anticipated participant to enter the top actors 2016 list.

There's also Eddie Redmayne who's featured on the award-winning movie, the Danish Girl. The artist have been extremely hardworking to the point where he's considered one of the most diligent and industrious icon on the industry for the past decade. He starred as the renowned Stephen Hawking for the movie, 'Theory of Everything', where he garnered awards for his fantastic portrayal and acting that have made it truly worthwhile to watch. Even his director had full praise on him as he stars on the Danish Girl where he plays an intriguing role of a transgender-woman named Lili Elbe, which as you may notice, is a very challenging role. Aside from these two, there are still more actors anticipated to be part of the list and it's definitely a sight to see them on stage as they are on their movies.