7BitArcade The Magazine For Music, Games, TV and Film in the UK

7BitArcade began life back in August 2011. This UK culture magazine and blog was where interested readers could find out about music, TV, film, games, and even politics. The magazine and blog was so many things to so many over the years but they threw in the towel in September 2015.

7BitArcade wanted to be a part of the way we all integrate with an art form through words and shared experiences and they did just that for just over four years. Their mission was to work and play with those who love music as they did, and those who wanted to be a part of the good times they were continuing to have. Another goal when creating 7BitArcade was to make a definitive list that our readers can use to access the freshest gaming and gambling sites quickly. And so far, we believe that we have achieved this feat.

In 2015 7BitArcade won the Essex Digital Sports/Entertainment Bronze award.

7BitArcade - A Music and Culture Blog For Everyone

A one stage during the life of this cultural magazine, there were over 20 writers, regular reviews, event coverage, and original content. By the time of their demise they were lucky to have a couple of articles on their website each week.

In the beginning a lot of the writers at this online magazine were students who were getting in some experience before finding their place in the world. Writers were not paid and the site wasn't making a profit. Most of the writers finished their education and moved on. As writers moved on to pastures new there was less time to review albums, go to shows, or come up with original feature articles for the site.

7BitArcade was around for four years and initially it focused on being a gaming orientated site. It ended up being an entirely music focused site and experimenting in other fields too. Still, we will keep our initial promise and give insights into the latest gaming trends and news. If you want to know what spins the virtual world of gaming, you must try out the ultimate free slots games available at the Planet 7 no deposit casino. Are you aware of the fact that some people make a decent living from online gambling? This is something you should think about.

7BitArcade - Some of the Highlights

There were some amazing things featured on the 7BitArcade magazine over the years and these included:

  • The website crashed after Frank Turner posted a link to an interview with Rob
  • Some amazing sessions were filmed including Owls, Johnny Foreigner, Dingus, acoustic sessions, filming at festivals, the Human Pyramids sessions, and more.
  • A 7BitArcade stage was featured at ArcTanGent festival 2014
  • They covered some amazing festivals including Alternative Escape and Glastonbury

Game Reviews at 7BitArcade

Prior to focusing solely on music, 7BitArcade used to feature articles on gaming. Some of these were opinion pieces that were very in-depth and included titles such as, How Tony Hawks Shaped my Music Taste, Online - A Journey into cloud gaming, Single Player Only: When is Multiplayer Unnecessary? 7BitArcade also allows you to find some of the best online gaming platforms out there. With this knowledge you can test your luck and try your hand at a large number of classic casino games. You can view it here and see some of the classic games that have been reviewed in the past and see how you perform.

There were some great game reviews also including:

  • Syndicate
  • Worms Crazy Golf
  • Worms Ultimate Mayhem
  • Bastion

7BitArcade Music Reviews

When it comes to music, 7BitArcade were featured on the BBC and were well known in music circles. There are hundreds of quotes from there around the internet including their old podcasts and shows that they created. They reviewed some amazing music albums during their time and their reviews were available to read in their online magazine. They also got to attend music festivals and meet a lot of musicians. Some of the albums they reviewed include:

  • Common Mama - Common Mama EP
  • Satellites - O2
  • French for Cartridge - We Humans
  • Deco Child - Skinless
  • Port St. Willow - Holiday
  • Deptford Goth - Life After Defo
  • Deep Sea Arcade - Outlands
  • Jack Beats - Careless
  • Katatonia - Dead End Kings

7Bit Arcade cultural magazine has been missed and the founders got to have some amazing journeys over their four years and there were lots of writers who gained vast experience writing for the music and gaming industry. The original team may be gone but there is still life after 7BitArcade.