A Marketing Trend Expected To Surface With The Top Music Of 2016

Looking at top music of 2016, the next few months without doubt will set the pace for the year ahead. Here we take a quick look at one of the trends in music marketing culture that one will want to look for, as the year progresses.

More and more brands will develop and refine their music strategy evolving around the top music of 2016 using research such as Nielson's 360 Music Report for 2015. This report reveals that just over 90% of all Americans are listening to music over 24 hours a week.

As music engagement grows over the upcoming year as a result of more platforms gaining in popularity, brands will have a major opportunity to participate in this high engagement medium by using their own particular resources, and developing a marketing strategy to capitalize upon this phenomenon.

Some will look for a way to integrate their brand's image with targeted music to market to more savvy and hard to reach customers, and music data will undoubtedly have greater influence when brands consider who to partner with.

The use of "big data" will eliminate some of the risk when brands look towards involving music artists in their campaigns. As the risk decreases in brand partnership, one will see more brands with increased confidence in investing their marketing resources in these beneficial campaigns.

With the use of strong data statistics comes simplicity in ascertaining a clear ROI, which in turn will entice more brands to jump on this powerful trend, as the top music of 2016 emerges. The addition of collaborations with large mainstream artists can certainly create additional value to a brand.

By associating a well-known artist or band to a particular brand, it establishes instant media interest and coverage, this in turn also prompts automatic consumer attention. By investing in up and coming artists as they emerge onto the scene, brands can also make their breakthrough as well and target their specific market, a new audience that they might not otherwise have reached.