Three Of The Top TV Shows Of 2016 That You Won't Want To Miss!

The holiday specials have been and gone and when it comes to some viewers' favorite TV shows, no doubt for some it will have that mid-season hiatus feel to it, and one that may never end. No need to fret, there's still lots of new shows one will be able to see as we look towards the top TV shows of 2016. From Sci-Fi series and dark dramas, to cop comedies, let's get ready to kick off the year in mighty fine style, here's a very small sampling of what's coming up, you won't want to miss them!

NBC - Shades of Blue

Don't mess with NYPD detective Harlee Santos, played by Jennifer Lopez in this new exciting drama that's destined to be one of the top TV shows of 2016. When she gets caught in illegal activity by the FBI, she's left with no option other than turning on her own unit, as she becomes intrinsically tied to the Feds, as an FBI secret informant. Ray Liotta also stars as the unit's lieutenant in this series, along with Lopez who is executive director, and Drea De Matteo one of the units detectives.

CBS - Angel From Hell

Fun and laughter follows when Amy, played by actress Jane Lynch shows up claiming that she is the guardian angel watching over a young doctor named Allison (Maggie Lawson). In the beginning the brash Amy isn't taken seriously by Allison, neither is her advice. However when everything Amy predicts turns into reality, Allison starts to consider she might just be the real deal.

ABC - Shadowhunters

What happens when you mix a human with angel blood, why you get a Shadowhunter of course! Based on the fantasy novel series The Mortal Instruments, here's something for paranormal fans. Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood and Emeraude Toubia all star, protecting innocent civilians from the evil demons that are lurking.

If there is one special that viewers will want to tune in to when flipping through the top TV shows of 2016, its Grease Live. Here the most memorable scenes from the original 1971 musical will be recreated with Aaron Tveit taking the bad boy lead of Danny, and Julianne Hough playing the part Olivia Newton John made famous in the movie, as good girl Sandy. If that's not enough to capture the imagination about heading on back to Rydell High, Keke Palmer and Vanessa Hudgens also star. It's definitely one not to be missed, enjoy!